Save Springbrook Waterfalls

Springbrook is a nature lovers paradise set on the Gold Coast hinterland –

waterfalls, lookouts, walks, wildlife, rare plants, ancient forests, beautiful birds and much, much more.

what's going on?

Springbrook is known for its stunning scenery and World Heritage listed National Park with many tumbling waterfalls.  A new application has been put to Gold Coast City Council for a property owner to extract bore water for the bottled water industry.

This water will be trucked off the mountain in up to 8 large trucks a day, along narrow mountain roads used predominantly by tourists visiting the National Park.

It is not known what the cumulative impacts of this water extraction, when combined with the 2 other water mines on Springbrook.

The bores are shallow and are tapping into local aquifers that feed the creeks that create the many waterfalls on Springbrook.

The water mining  industry is not compatible with a World Heritage area.

The material Change of Use application from 263 Repeater Station Road needs to knocked back by Gold Coast City Council .

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