How you can help ...

There are a couple of ways you can help us save our beautiful creeks and waterfalls:

  • We have set up an online petition where you can sign up and add comments Save Springbrook’s Waterfalls Petition here.  Your signature will be added to our final Grounds of Submission that we send to Council.  (We use who have a strict privacy and security policy which can be read here.)
  • Or if you prefer, you could write directly to the Gold Coast City Council to add to our voice.  You will need to complete a “Grounds of Submission” form either online, which can be found here, or download a form here with some of the details pre-filled with the submission details for your convenience.  This just then, needs to be emailed or posted back tot he Gold Coast City Council (details on the top of the application form.)

If you are a bit ‘stuck for words’ or need help with your submission, please use the text below as it is the basis of our Submission.

We also have a full draft letter of objection here … please feel free to use some – or all of it, for your own submission.


The impacts of water extraction are vast with potential impacts on local springs, creeks and the iconic waterfalls at Springbrook.

In response to the proposal to commercially extract water at 263 Repeater Station Road, Springbrook – a well-respected geologist who worked and lectured in underground water movement advises;

“This water will be drawn from wells in the Hobwee Basalt, which is a series of lava flows near the top of the Mount Warning volcano.  Seasonal rain fills the porous spaces in the basalt and flows down under gravity to emerge in springs, especially at the impermeable rhyolite, to feed the creeks that form the waterfalls.

In the low rainfall months of May through November, the springs are the main supply to the waterfall creeks.

Drawing water at the proposed rate for commercial purposes will reduce the water discharged at springs – especially during the low rainfall months.

The drill holes for this application are situated in a relatively confined topographic bowl which is the source for the creek that flows through Koonjewarre and the Mouse’s House, then to Twin Falls.  Water flow in this creek is likely to be substantially reduced in the low rainfall months if water is pumped out at the application rates.”